Why I chose Iron Valley Barbell -Zach Kotecki

Why I Chose Iron Valley Barbell

I first came to visit Iron Valley Barbell as a guest to workout and get the chance to meet one of the guys I followed and looked up to Zach Homol, the owner of Iron Valley Barbell. After working out and getting to hangout with Zach in the office and pick his brain for a few hours, which I am still beyond grateful for, I knew for certain there was something special going on within those 4 walls at IVB. At the time there was no current openings for an intern, but I was told in the near future that an opening may present itself. So I continued on my own personal journey following along through social media faithfully and trying to keep in contact at least once a week through either Snapchat or Twitter just expressing my interest and keeping my name fresh in his mind. I was on spring break in Florida when I checked my Twitter feed and saw that Zach had posted that he was looking for a new intern at Iron Valley Barbell. Immediately without even thinking of where I would live, what I would tell my parents, my job or whomever; being that I currently lived in Chicago, 3 hours away I sent Zach an email expressing my highest interest in the opening. Within the week an interview was set up and I started here at IVB a month later from sending that email. So why did I chose Iron Valley Barbell? Why was I so certain in my decision to up and leave 2 paying jobs and move 3 hours away not yet knowing where I would be living or what exactly I would be doing? Because I trust and believe not only in myself and my determination but I believe in Iron Valley Barbell. I believe in Zach’s work ethic and what he has and will continue to build here at IVB. The knowledge that resides at IVB is paramount. I know by being here at Iron Valley Barbell that not only can I add value to the gym and the business but I can also add value to myself as well. I have the dream to open up a gym in the near future and this internship is helping me see what all goes into running a gym. I get the privilege to treat IVB as my own gym and see all the behind the scenes duties that occur daily. Not many people, especially at my age of 23 have this opportunity. The benefits and opportunities that could stem from this are endless. If you want to be successful you have to be adventurous, take chances and put yourself in the positions to succeed. The decision to choose Iron Valley Barbell to work and learn at is by far the best decision I’ve made in my life to date. Iron Valley Barbell is more than just a gym to me and all it’s members; IVB is a family, IVB is Home.
-Zach Kotecki
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