Training YOUR Weaknesses


Whether you have been lifting weights for 6 months, 7 years or 3 decades all weightlifters will have 1 thing in common, a weakness. I can make that bold statement with superior confidence seeing how NO PERSON has it ALL mastered. There is ALWAYS something that will need work. Talking general lifting you may be the guy who has a hard time developing his biceps. Maybe you are a powerlifter and you struggle to lock out you bench press. No matter where you are in the game of lifting it will humble you in time and expose your weaknesses.

This is where you will begin to see the separation from one weight lifter to the next. Often weaknesses begin to develope when a person starts to neglect one muscle group or doesn’t fully understand how to train that muscle group. This is where it is important to either seek out further education/coaching to understand the game at a higher level. Another way weaknesses begin to form is simply through genetics, have a bad gene pull and being left with the cards you were dealt with. I personally don’t by in to this bullshit where I believe ANYTHING is possible through having faith, being consistent, extreme understanding and much more. Again, that is just my mindset.  The number 1 reason I see why individuals being to develop weaknesses is through running the same programming and or programming that is no challenging or only doing the exercise that you like to do. Let’s face it, there are some exercises in the gym that some of us just don’t like to do. For me, it’s the SLED- which is EXACTLY why I do it 3x a week!

To get better you must first have the understanding to know your weaknesses. This is not as easy as it sounds. For example you may believe the lock out of you bench is bad but never took into consideration how poor your breathing techniques where or how out of position you were from the start. So maybe it was never your lockout at all, maybe it was your set up and this whole time you have been spending extra time on developing your triceps you could have devoted a little more time to understanding your positioning. This is where understanding the sport of lifting really matters if you want to take your game to the NEXT LEVEL.

Now that we realize we can NEVER have enough knowledge about the game let’s start digging into actual training. How many people reading this go to the gym and seem to always be gravitate to the exercises that they ENJOY doing.. (Hey you are sitting behind a screen you don’t have to lie) I get it! I do the same thing. That’s exactly when you have to CHECK YO SELF BEFORE YO RECK YO SELF! We have to get away from the same old same old and start focusing on the exercises that are going to make us BETTER!

My last and final point may be my biggest and most passionate statement in this article. STOP TRYING TO REINVENT THE WHEEL! I get it, there are new training techniques, methods, and exercises that are extremely beneficial! But let’s get real, most the time you are trying to use the leg curl machine as a bicep curl you’re just wasting your time. If the leg curl machine was supposed to be a bicep curl machine as well, I’m more than sure that the company would have marketed it that way (HA!)  Let’s get back to the exercises that TRULY matter! Below I have a list of exercises that should be the STAPLE of every athletes training.



  1. SQUAT



4.Bench Over Barbell Rows

5.Military press and variations

7.PowerCleans & variations (please note, I DO NOT make this a staple of my training but do believe athletes should add these movements into their training)

8.Pull ups

  1. Jumps- Box jumps/Weighted

10.Throws (based off specific sports to be build explosiveness.


Always note that there is a FINE LINE between SPEED and POWER- maybe you’re not strong, because you’re not fast. To become STRONGER you must learn to move weights FASTER!

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