How to prepare for your last first date to the gym – Ashley Kinstle

How to prepare for your last first date to the gym…


•What to wear: (Just like a first date, don’t go overboard!)

*Something light and comfortable that you can move around easy in.

*Make sure to spend the money on a nice pair of athletic shoes, do not skimp on this!

*Get your hair out of your face and you’re ready.

•What to bring:

*A gym bag comes in handy.

*Definitely bring a lock for the locker. *Any kind of wrist wrap, knee sleeves, wrists guards etc. are very important in protecting yourself while beginning to lift weights.(I have weak knees so on leg days I always have knee sleeves on. Listen to your body as you begin your fitness journey and purchase those items as needed.)

*Some kind of sugary substance if your blood sugar drops (I bring bubble gum).

*LOTS of water.

*A towel if you don’t like using your shirt for sweat drips.

*Headphones and music….


It’s amazing how shutting the world off around us can completely calm our anxiety. To loosing up those first date nerves, spend some time developing a playlist that is going to get you in the right mindset. My top three gym jams are: Hypnotize, Low, and My Chick Bad. Nothing gets me more in the zone than Biggie, Juicy J and Luda dropping mad beats in my ear. Remember the first step in having a connection with the gym is getting your mind ready!


If you are a last minute planner like me, I don’t log into my Lady Shredz programming until I hit the locker room. My music is playing, my energy is going up and I’m developing my game plan to a successful gym date. Go over your programming, watch your exercise guide and visualize your approach.


If you aren’t spending at least 10 minutes stretching, you’re rushing the process. If you are unsure of your gym, this is a great time to take in your surroundings without feeling like you look lost. Try stretching in an area that allows you see where you want your workout to begin. THIS IS HUGE if you have ever felt out of place as it gives you the opportunity to become familiar with where everything is. With your headphones still in, concentrate on stretching the main muscle group being worked that day.


Remember you have a video guide breaking down your program so don’t feel like you don’t know what you are doing. Forget about the person next to you who’s more “advanced” than you. We all have to start somewhere and do not let anybody around you minimize YOUR goals. Be excited knowing you will be walking out of there better than you were yesterday. That first date is always the scariest 😉

*Challenging yourself can come with self doubt. If you are one who wants change but have an inner battle with staying comfortable in being the same, YOU ARE CUTTING YOURSELF SHORT. Imagine WHO you can become when you decide to defeat that inner battle. The world wants you to stay average but ladies, we weren’t created to be average. We were created to truly LIVE and THRIVE. We get one shot at this. You put in the work, you gain your results and there is nothing greater than knowing you’re the reason you’ve become a freaking warrior. I promise you, your last first date with the gym isn’t just a physical change to a new you, it’s a LIFE change to an UNSTOPPABLE you.

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