Finding Yourself Again- Ashley Kinstle

•Find yourself again• 


*Do I seriously have zero clean socks?

*What is that sticky stuff on the cabinet?


*Shit, I have to wash my hair today

*Packing lunch for work… oh cool, everything is expired


*bills, cleaning, cooking, bandaging scraped knees, playing Lego Batman, internet isn’t working, dishes, folding clothes…


*locks self in bathroom to cry.

Am I the only one? How easy is it for women to lose themselves? To simply let LIFE happen to you. To allow daily tasks to run you. To look in the mirror and not know who you are. 


At the end of our lives we aren’t going to remember the days we had every article of clothing folded and color coded. We aren’t going to remember the days we had matching socks. What we WILL remember is how we made the most out of life. 

In those moments when life decides to get under your skin and you’re crying in the bathroom, tell yourself these things: 

-I am grateful I have clothes that need to be folded. 

-I have the ability to purchase groceries. 

-One day Crew’s sticky fingers on the cabinets will be just a memory. 

My “bad day” will not define me and it will remind me of all the blessings I do have that others do not. Dig down and grab ahold of that, and never lose it. Mismatched socks will begin to make you smile. The internet not working is probably a sign to spend a day disconnecting. 

The first step to truly making a positive change in your life is by adjusting your mindset. It is our most powerful tool. Our mind is designed for one thing and one thing only… to survive. The minute we feel something threatens that, our mind takes over and we begin the downward spiral of false lies. Condition your mind. Find the beauty in chaos. Do not allow your life to just happen to you… you are in control of your life. Fall in love with this precious fleeting life you were given. 

Strengthen your mind first, then sit back and watch the “impossible” become possible. Sit back and watch the “unimaginable” become imaginable. Sit back and watch you’re “dream” become your reality. 

•Find yourself again and you will soar•

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